A little help from our Friends…

One of the things you will learn about me as the blog continues to grow is that I am a huge fan of Keith Ferrazzi, and his tome on networking, Never Eat Alone.  After a particularly challenging week at the office and at home, I recently went back and read the book again, to remind myself of what’s most important.  What Ferrazzi (www.keithferrazzi.com) effectively conveys is that relationships – at every level – is the key to success in not only business, but in life.

So when a friend shared a recent Harvard Business Review blog-post, Demystifying Mentoring, I could not help but smile at the ironic timing of it all.  Now, according to Dictionary.com, a mentor is a “a wise and trusted counselor or teacher.”

And the movies I grew up with give ample support to that idea. Whether it’s William Forrester & Jamal Wallace, Danielson & Miyagi, Gordon Gekko & Bud Fox, or Coach Norman Dale and the Hickory Huskers – the idea of mentorships have long been explored in film.  But the idea of mentoring in today’s business world is much different now. The key takeaway for me was that folks today no longer have just one mentor, but several:

Miyagi and Danielson - the ultimate Mentorship

Myth #1: You have to find one perfect mentor
It’s actually quite rare these days that people get through their career with only one mentor. In fact, many people have several advisors they turn to.  This network can be as large or small as you want, and it may even include your spouse or partner. Sometimes it can be helpful to get a variety of perspectives on an issue you are facing.

The article is a great reminder that the real work we do in life is less about the tasks at home or in the office, and more about nurturing relationships.  You can find the article here: