A New Beginning: My Last Film Post

So blogging and I have had a unique relationship in the last few years. Every time I think I am finished, the bug starts to gnaw  at my need “to be heard.” (I just can’t quit you!) I’ve been doing a lot  of reading over the past year, and I’ve dressed up the site a bit since you may have been here last.

Little did I know when I wrote the post”The End is Near” did I know that the topic would begin

Cinepolis San Diego

Cinepolis San Diego

the birthing  process of an entirely separate site – familyroomfilmcritic.com – where I will continue my musings on all things film-related, though with a slightly different bent. If you have enjoyed my movie grousings and grumblings here on Perfecting  Naivety, I encourage you to go take a look at the new site. I have a vision for where I’d like to take it…if you like what you see, there are some bigger plans percolating.

In the time away from the blog, I’ve come to realize I want to do something different. With the absence of film commentary, Perfecting Naivety will now host observations in a variety of different areas that inspires me. In my professional life, I am challenged to keep abreast of many industries, yet have no outlet to comment. By now, with the new design elements, you can guess the areas in which I will be commenting:

  • Leadership: In the business – no matter the industry – we have a plethora of examples, both good (Hello, Mr. Branson) and bad (Do I have to say hello to David Sterling?) to choose from, and learn.
  • By day, I am the marketing director of a small career college here in San Diego. The changes that have taken place in Marketing from the time I earned my MBA (marketing emphasis) to today is absolutely astounding, and it shows no evidence of slowing down.
  • In the recent political climate, Education has been a hot topic – particularly, the for-profit sector. I aim to write about the changes to the entire education landscape, with a bent as to how it’s shifting and changing under each political leadership.
  • I am blessed to also be able to help my college launch a Small Business degree program. In San San Diego Small BusinessDiego, 90% of the economy is made up of small business, providing over 60% of the economic drivers here. In a recent survey, Forbes named San Diego the number one city in the country to launch a small business. In the past month alone, the San Diego EDC has recorded that The private sector outperformed by adding 3,400 jobs in the month of April. Suffice to say, there  is a lot going on here.
  • Finally – I wouldn’t be the man I am today without my family. So expect the occasional musing on my struggles to be a better dad, husband, brother, and son.
  • The Film and Entertainment section will stay put, but only as an archive of sorts. I feel like there  are some really good articles in that section, so if someone happened to stumble on a post or two that lead them to follow the new site – bonus!

I hope you like the new direction I am taking with Perfecting Naivety. I am excited about the change and I hope you’ll join me in this new direction. For the first time, I have some modest expectations as I throw a variety of  different topics into the giant Martini-shaker of the blog-o-sphere (shaken, not stirred) to see how it tastes. My hope still remains that you will see – on Mondays and Wednesday – an inspired concoction of the things that make us all wake up each day with a renewed sense of vigor and purpose.



This time, it’s personal…

The pursuit of a personal passion; an ideal business life; the unconditional love of one’s family … well, when you hit that moment of bliss in any one of those areas, it’s like that first sip of a cold Sierra Nevada Pale Ale while taking an insanely hot shower.

That is what this blog will strive to do – bring you, the reader (hopefully readers) – something to stir the senses for just even a fleeting moment of intellectual bliss.

Not enough of a preview?  Well, you’ll find that I am the epitome of an average guy. I have a beautiful wife and two children that I absolutely adore.  In the world of business, I am consistently challenged and striving to push myself to new heights.  And I am my harshest critic.

And I have a rather nasty habit of loving films, from independent to big Hollywood.  My personal passion is for those who pedal the cinematic stories, short and long, fiction and non-fiction, funny and gut-wrenching.  We find that films are a reflection of us…of the times and world we live in…of the people we are and that we strive to be.

Here – with Perfecting Naivety – I want to throw these three vastly different areas (business leadership, family-life and films) into the giant Martini-shaker of the blogosphere – shaken, not stirred – and see how it tastes.  My hope is that it will be an inspired concoction of the things that make us all wake up each day with a renewed sense of vigor and purpose.

So, in my personal pursuit to be inspired, I hope to provide a little inspiration for those of you that follow me.




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