The pursuit of a personal passion; an ideal business life; the unconditional love of one’s family … well, when you hit that moment of bliss in any one of those areas, it’s like the first sip of a cold Sierra Nevada Pale Ale while taking an insanely hot shower.

That is what this blog will strive to do – bring you, the reader (hopefully readers) – something to stir the senses for just even a fleeting moment of intellectual bliss.

Not enough of a preview? Well, you’ll find that I am the epitome of an average guy. I have a beautiful wife and two children that I absolutely adore. In the world of business, I am consistently challenged and striving to push myself to new heights. Also, I am my harshest critic.

And I have a rather nasty habit of loving films, from independent to big Hollywood. My personal passion is for those who pedal the cinematic stories, short and long, fiction and non-fiction, funny and gut-wrenching. We find that films are a reflection of us…of the times and world we live in…of the people we are and that we strive to be.

Here – with Perfecting Naivety – I want to throw these three vastly different areas (business leadership, family life and films) into the giant Martini-shaker of the blog-o-sphere (shaken, not stirred), and see how it tastes. My hope is that you will see – on Mondays and Thursdays – it will be an inspired concoction of the things that make us all wake up each day with a renewed sense of vigor and purpose.

So, in my personal pursuit to be inspired, I hope to provide a little inspiration for those of you that follow me.

Insanely naive? Perhaps. But maybe – just maybe – we can work together toward perfecting naivety.




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