The 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge

As today marks the official tipping point of the half-way point for 2014, I would like to cast my vote for the business buzz-word of the year thus far:mindfulness


It has been everywhere. Whether we are talking about corporate wellness plans, or the highly effective habits top CEOs and business leaders, mindfulness has been mentioned, discussed, debated and analyzed more times than I can ever remember. It’s gotten so big, the New York Times has decided it’s time to analyze the backlash to mindfulness. (Leave it to the media to create a monster, and then destroy it all within a year!)

The Times story aside, perhaps it’s time for the rank and file – and me – to take notice. More importantly, I feel like it’s time for me to make a change.



I’m not going to lie – the last 4 weeks have been pretty difficult. Each week … each day … each hour, it has felt like a new obstacle would be discovered, and at times the dread and despair of having to overcome it would feel insurmountable.

I have come to realize that I am the type of individual that suppresses many thoughts, words, actions and feelings. I learned early in my professional career that if I sit on something for 24-hours (or more if need be), I am usually able to come up with a pretty damn good solution and action plan to overcome any obstacle. More so, I am able to keep my own emotions in check, and have  a rationale conversation with often times irrational people.

Recently though, this has proven much more difficult. I am having a much harder time finding a solution, finding the positive in the negative. This is particularly troubling, because my personality is that of a fun, and out-going individual; but as the obstacles mount, I have turned inward more and more.

The obstacles that have sprung forth in this past month seem to be coming from every angle, some within the professional work I inhabit, and others in my personal life. Now it’s important that some of the obstacles are – when looked at by themselves – minor. However it has been the frequency and sheer number that has suddenly increased of late…it’s isn’t just one problem … it’s 999 problems of  varying size and difficulty.

As a leader (which I’d like to think I am), the stress is written all over my face, and rarely does that inspire confidence in your colleagues or your team.  More importantly, my wife and kids are seeing the difference in my personality of late too.

So, it is indeed time for a change.


Mindfulness and LeadershipLast year, I had watched with amusement and then great admiration of one of my colleagues go through a 30-day sobriety challenge. The results and self-analysis that it accompanied, was truly remarkable, As I am not a drinker – at least not like in my college days – I believe a 30 day challenge might be the ticket here, and I will be using the blog as my accountability tool.

Beginning today, July 1st, I will start my day with 30 minutes of meditation. I am not the hippy-dippy type, but if it’s good enough for some of the top CEOs and business leaders today, it’s worth a shot. More importantly, if the results mean I am more productive at work, and less stressed for my family at home, then break out the Tye-dye and Grateful Dead.

To assist in my efforts, I found a great app to use to help me out – called Calm – and it’s a free download too.  So – make sure you pester me here, on Twitter and Google+ to see how I’m doing. I will provide an extremely brief post weekly to share some updates and observations.

Even better – who will join me?




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