The Oscar Showcase Showdown!

AMC Theaters Oscar Showcase 2013

AMC Theaters Oscar Showcase 2013

Nine Films.

22 hours of Oscar-nominated cinema.

One day, one man.

As you are reading this, I am probably just out of the shower, making breakfast for the kids, and scurrying about the house putting together my survival gear. Some Eco-drink energy packets, a toothbrush and toothpaste, a blanket and maybe even some home-grown snacks (because there’s only so much popcorn I think I can intake) — is it enough to get me through without a wink of sleep? Here’s the schedule:

10:00AM – Amour
12:20PM – Lincoln
3:20 PM – Argo
5:35 PM – Django Unchained
9:30 PM – Les Miserables
12:30 AM – Zero Dark Thirty
3:20 AM – Life of Pi
5:40 AM – Silver Linings Playbook
7:55 AM – Beasts of the Southern Wild

I have not seen any one of the films, but I know a little about each. I’m pleased that Amour is the first flick, as I understand it is an emotional weighty story. Following the foreign film, are the odds-on favorite for Best Picture, Lincoln and Argo. Than, two vastly different movies in a Tarantino slugfest and one of Broadway’s longest running shows now on film.

The 12:30 AM show is the first daunting hurdle to keeping my eyes open. I understand the first hour of Zero Dark Thirty takes it time in developing, but then starts to pick up steam to the dramatic conclusion. The only thing  that may keep me awake is Best Actress Nominee Jessica Chastain – let’s face it, she is easy on the eyes and can tear up the screen like nobody’s business.

Which leads me to Life of Pi at 3:20 AM. Visually stunning is what I have heard about this film. And existential is the other thing I have heard. *Gulp*

I have a feeling I’ll wake up just fine for the 5:40 AM showing of Silver Linings Playbook. Not because the cast is amazing…though that helps. Nope, it’s set in Philly against the backdrop of a family’s love for the Philadelphia Eagles.

BOTSW – this might be the knockout punch. Last film, youngest nominee…and I know nothing else.

So…stay tuned…I’ll be blogging, posting on Facebook and tweeting ( @DanRobertsJr) between my thoughts on each film, and how I am enduring through this movie marathon, this Oscar showcase showdown.


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