Oscar Showcase Showdown – Lincoln’s dead – Argo to go

The Films So Far…

Amour was pretty tough to get through. Not because it wasn’t a good film; far from it actually. Amazing performances from the two leads, but the story was so gut-wrenchingly difficult and depressing to watch. (SPOILER ALERT) Getting old and dying has never been portrayed more devastatingly realistic than in this film.

Who would have thought that the tale of Honest Abe would have been a pick-me-up?! Ironic, since we all know how he, er, it ends. Phenomenal performances by the three headliners in this film, and their accolades are richly deserved. Also worthy of note: John Williams score in this film. Often, because of his countless past achievements, I’ve taken for granted his later work. Not here-I believe he’s nominated, and might walk away with a little guy tomorrow night.


Feeling pretty good. Eating some chicken, gonna throw back an Eco-drink in a minute. Argo us up after lunch, so I’m looking forward to this one.



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