Oscar Showcase Showdown – Affleck meets Tarantino

It’s halftime, ladies and gentleman and fatigue is beginning to set in…but the goofy grin I walked in with keeps getting bigger. Especially after the last two films. Ho.Ly.Crap!

First, Argo…

I can’t say enough about Affleck the Director. This is by far his most assured, and best film. The attention to detail, use of music and editing to create tension in a story which everyone knows the end is a fantastic feat.

One of the detriments of this marathon, is that I am forced to stop processing one film to open myself up to the next film.

Let me tell you, it didn’t take long before Tarantino blew the doors wide open with Django Unchained. I have many, many friends who are unabashed QT fans. For me, he’s always run hot and cold. I recognize his quirky genius, but it doesn’t resonate with me in every one of his films.

No matter – with Django , I am now smitten, bordering upon a deep bro-nance. There was not a single thing to dislike about this film. It was perfect – and I’m ecstatic!

The Night Shift….

Here comes the stretch that’s gonna hurt, and could knock your hero and mine down for some Z’s:

Le Mis, Zero Dark Thirty, Life of PI…

Stay tuned!



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