Wishlist 2013 – Part One

During the month of January, instead of inspiring  you all with my New Year’s Resolutions for 2013, I will instead share with you what 2012 has taught me, and my hopes and wishes for 2013 and beyond. In this installment, here are a few films I wish I could  see right now.

Star Trek Into Darkness

I am a geek at heart – and I thought the J.J. Abrams first go-around with the crew of the Enterprise was an inspired re-boot. The trailer looks great, and I am ridiculously enthused about the second installment. The sequel beams into theaters on Stardate 05.17.2013.

Sound City

I stumbled across this trailer on IMDB.com, one of my favorite sites to go for all my movie needs.  This music documentary is directed by Dave Grohl, and features the rise and fall of the famous Sound City recording studios. After watching the trailer, it quickly cemented its place on the 2013 Wishlist.

To the Wonder

I am unabashedly in love with the beauty and artistry that is Terrence Malick. I am a hug fan of The Thin Red Line,  liked his take on Pocahontas with The New World, and thought Tree of Life was nothing short of genius. When a friend posted on his FB page that he thought it was drivel, I immediately turned into a cinematic snob, huffing “He just doesn’t get it.” I will go to my grave with the firm belief that Malick is an artist, using the movie screen as his canvas. His latest will open in April…take a look:

Man of Steel

Well, the geek is out on this one too. I loved what Nolan did with the Dark Knight Trilogy, and he’s come on board to produce Zack Snyder’s vision of Superman. Although I did not have as big a problem with Singer’s Superman Returns as most did, I cannot help but get a bit excited to see this latest incarnation of the man from Krypton, due out in June 2013.

The Great Gatsby

Yep, I’m a geek. Love the comics; love the SciFi; and I love me some classics – particularly when reinterpreted by Baz Lurhman. The first glimpse of this film showed off a lush, and vibrant New York in the 1920s. Now, the second installment gets to the meat of the story. It looks pretty damn good, truthfully speaking. It was also a no-brainer for the 2013 Wishlist because it was supposed to come out in December 2012. Now the film is slated for May 2013. Here’s a look at the trailer #2:

I make no guarantees that I won’t add to this list, as there is still Oscar season for 2013.


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