I’ll Take Potpourri for $1,000 Alex

potpourriHere is a veritable cornucopia of topics; a Hodge-podge of updates; a veritable plethora of ideas to ponder:


1. Cloud Atlas

What is sure to be – along with The Great Gatsby – Oscar bait, this film boasts an incredible cast set against an incredibly vast landscape. After the extended look above, count me in!

2. Hans Zimmer

So lately, I have been listening to a ton of movie soundtracks. Aside from John Williams (obviously), I never realized how much I really loved the work of Michael Giachinno and Hans Zimmer. In case you didn’t realize, Zimmer has done the score for all three of Nolan’s Dark Knight films. The above is his way of helping people give back to the victims of the Aurora, CO shootings of two weeks ago.  He composed a piece simply called Aurora.  You can donate through this link, or by the title here at iTunes. Give what you can – that could have been any theater in the country.

100% of the proceeds from Aurora will be donated to Aurora Victim Relief organization through GivingFirst.org.

via Aurora by Hans Zimmer.

3. Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

News from the CW of all places – they plan to air Joss Whedon’s first superhero story starring Nathan Fillion, NPH, and geekboy favorite Alicia Day. If you are a fan of comics, superheroes and musicals – and were offline during the writer’s strike in 2008. Check out IndieWire for the full story, and the video clip below for a preview.

4. Man of Steel

So the big question that Warner Brothers is banking on: Can Zack Snyder – director of 300 and Watchmen – revive a franchise? I am a firm believer that anyone can make a decent trailer, one that will send the willies or goosebumps down a spine. Creating a haunting score with a soaring female soprano, and the solemn narration of Russell Crowe – yeah, that will do the trick. Now – let’s see if he actually pulled off a good flick too.

5. The Master

More Oscar Bait! More importantly, we know Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest film is debuting at the Venice Film Festival, but will it or won’t it debut at the Toronto International Film Festival too? The LA Times reported that it will have it’s North American debut at TIFF, but then refuted it’s own report…shame on you LA Times, is it or isn’t it?

Anyway, some more beauty and heartache is coming our way, courtesy of PTA:


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