I Want an Aaron Sorkin Kind of Voice, and a Michael Giacchino theme song

Taking cues from such eloquent and humorous friends and fellow-bloggers, I figured it is long overdue for me to get back on to my own proverbial blogging horse with a new post. Whether it’s been due to work obligations, a pretty heavy family calendar, or an intense case of writer’s block – I have been fresh out of things to say.

(OK – perhaps a bit of malaise as well.)

In times like this, I scroll the news and the Hollywood notes, previews of upcoming films and my twitter feed…but, to no avail. For one reason or another, I could not put together a decent post. My fear is that this one will not be even in the same neighborhood of decent, but it’s been 83 days since my last post. So, of course, I turn today to the final outlets I have left for inspiration: my new Netflix account, and YouTube.

There – I stumbled across the series Sports Night, and early creation by writer Aaron Sorkin. For me, Mr. Sorkin writes dialogue the way I hope I sound. In particular, the dialogue spoken by his characters at times of high pressure and conflict always elicits an excited “You’re Damn Skippy,” “That’s right, MoFo’s,” or, when no other response will do, “Whoa.” This was evident in just the second episode of Sports Night, starring Josh Charles, Peter Krause, and Felicity Huffman:

A lot of folks I know don’t like the West Wing; but it was sequences – and dialogue – like this that makes it one of my all-time favorites:

So, what does this have to do with anything, you’re wondering? What’s the point of this post?

Lately, both professionally and personally, I have found myself at a series of high pressure situations, and in situations of conflict. Nothing huge, certainly not worth a screenplay or monologue. But – knowing that I am at best a people-pleaser, and at worst, a man possessed with an innate sense of conflict-avoidance – I know that this an area I consistently must improve. Perhaps recent events are meant to help me work all of this out, and ultimately grow.

(I’m not complaining mind, you; more like observing…)

With no shortage of these scenarios on the horizon, I am throwing this blog post out as an awkward supplication of sorts…may my stomach be fortified, my words be eloquent, and my thoughts immediately after such conflicts be filled with theme music that might sound a little inspiring, at least in my own head. A score by Michael Giacchino sounds pretty damn good these days…


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