Ghosts, Killers and Zombies – Oh My!

Well, here we are again – it is the time of year where almost every basic cable channel is dedicating programming to all things that go bump in the night.  I have to admit, I am not a huge horror movie fan.  Well – let me rephrase: I am not into the gore-fests that pretend to be horror movies these days.

But I love, love, love scary movies.  Anything that can effectively and intelligently ratchet-up the suspense gets top marks in my book.  And Halloween is the perfect time of year to discuss some of my favorite scary movies. With the first installment of Ghosts, Killers and Zombies – Oh My!, I will send out a special ode to the Zombie film genre.

Except, I am not really going to highlight a film.

That’s because last Halloween, when the entire family fell asleep by 10:30, I was left to my own devices and wanted to watch a scary movie with a little popcorn and candy (thanks kids!).  Suddenly – I remembered that AMC had a new series produced and directed by Frank Darabont.  At the time, I had not been familiar with the graphic novel upon which it was based, nor was the title even etched into my head. Frank Darabont of Shawshank Redemption and The Mist fame had drawn my attention to this television project.

The Walking Dead.

I was not prepared for how intense this TV Show turned out to be.  The first two hours was one of the most suspenseful productions I have ever seen.  It was so intense that I had to pause the show, turn on some lights and spend a few minutes on something else on multiple occasions just to get my heart-rate down.

It was that good.  The rest of the season lived up to that Halloween premiere as well.  In two weeks, we will see the first two hours of season two.  In the month of scary movies, this is one TV Show I will not miss.

What about you – what are some of your favorite Zombie movies?


[Flickr photo by Hortland, used under the Creative Commons License, some rights reserved]


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