Just gettin’ warmed up…

In the afterglow of the San Diego Film Festival’s 10th Anniversary, I am enjoying a day off and brimming with mixed emotions.  I am parts tired, happy and sad (that it’s over) – but I am overwhelmingly excited.

For 10 years the organizers of this great festival have time and again put their hearts, souls – and their most valuable commodity – time into producing and exceptional line-up of films and events for San Diego.  What most people do not know is that this organization is almost entirely run by a dedicated staff of volunteers. (BTW – I admit to having a bias here, as I have worked with these volunteers side-by-side for most of the ten years SDFF has run.) Highlights for me included:

  • Opening Night film 50/50
  • Connect, the excellent education outreach component that invites 150 San Diego high school students in for their own private festival

    Opening Night 2011

    SDFF Opening Night 2011

  • Watching a few shorts with my daughter and seeing her reaction to both the films and the ensuing conversations that took place directly after
  • Favorite films like Punch drunk, Challenging Impossibility and The Last Mountain
  • Chatting with the filmmakers of the ambitious project Girls, Girls, Girls.

So – here’s my plea to the masses that are ignoring my little blog, and the minority that reads it: Get thee to a film festival!

I see countless stories, posts, and tweets at the lack of originality coming out of Hollywood today.  Yet, a film festival is the antidote to the disease of un-originality! So tell me dear readers, what is your favorite SDFF moment? Or, what is your favorite film festival?  Have you actually participated in one?  If not – what would you like to know?

As for SDFF – well, stay tuned.  The first ten years have established that San Diego wants a festival like this – but we have barely scratched the surface.  To rip-off Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman, we’re just gettin’ warmed up!

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