Stupefy! Am I the Only Harry Potter Fan Who’s Disappointed?

Perhaps I am to blame.  That’s got to be it – it is my fault. I have read the Deathly Hallows at least 12 times, and admired it a little more with each reading.  There was no way after that many readings that the final film could have lived up to my expectations after digesting J.K. Rowlings final installment of this hugely popular series.

Yet – there I sat last week in the theater, smiling, but still feeling a little … off.

And it dawned on me that I just didn’t love this movie.  I liked it a lot; I even loved moments of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, but did not love it as a whole. Part of me wants to blame David Yates … he has been the man calling the shots for the last four Harry Potter films.  But he also directed my favorite of the bunch, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Now, there is one indisputable element that I absolutely adored about the last 3 films: Alan Rickman.  And, really, he has been pitch-perfect as Severus Snape throughout the entire series.

So, I am curious as to why this film felt like it wasn’t living up to my expectations.

But after waiting a good week and letting the viewing experience of both Hallows 1 & 2 swim around my head, it dawned on me what has taken place.  I don’t know who the blame falls on, but after Phoenix, it seems that the film-makers took more and more liberties with changes.  And for me — in this last film — it became especially evident.  For me, the changes they made fell flat.  It did absolutely nothing for me.

So count me as a disappointed fan.  Not unhappy, just a little unfulfilled.  And I am a bit stupefied as to why they had to change so much, when Rowlings got it so right.


2 thoughts on “Stupefy! Am I the Only Harry Potter Fan Who’s Disappointed?

    • I suppose; I feel like the same team that made every correct decision in The Order of the Phoenix just didn’t live up to the same standards with the final three films. It’s probably splitting hairs, I know, but I just can’t seem to shake that feeling.

      Thanks for the comment Jeyna.

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