Sunday Funday – Screening Films for this year’s SDFF

While I am not trying to condone or glorify drinking to get drunk, I do think that one of the byproducts of having a few drinks is the inevitable “buzz.”  It’s that state of pre-inebriation where you start to realize how much you love your friends, your family, your life – even the bartender and the bouncer who called you a dork under his breath when you walked into the club earlier that night.  That buzz … that feeling of connection and happiness – that is the state I am in right now.

I have just watched my fifth short film, five of the hundreds of films that have been submitted to the 10th Annual San Diego Film Festival, and I have achieved that same high or buzz.  This is why I love movies so much.  And without film festivals, these stories, actors, writers, and directors would not have a showcase for people to appreciate their talent

All five films are vastly different from one another, yet all five boast strong POV storytelling, great acting and excellent use of music as a character or component of the story.   I will be keeping track of some of these films that I review, and as we get closer to the festival share with you some of my thoughts as we see which ones make the cut.

As for the rest of today, well, it doesn’t get much better than this…


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