Weekend Watches – Volume 1.1

I had written previously that there is no greater feeling than discovering a film that not one of your friends even know it exists. Then, one by one, you turn them on to this film – and you get to relive how new the discovery is through their smiles, laughs, tears and outbursts of awe, sadness or joy.

It is blissful.

Therefore, this is the first in a series of films that I will be recommending.  They will be wide-ranging choices in genre, with nothing more in common than a purely entertaining way to pass some time.

One of the fonder memories I have of living with my brother revolves around such a discovery. It was 1995, and after pulling a double waiting tables, my brother and I arrived back at our dump of an apartment, pizza and twelve-pack in hand. We ate, and both went to bed. Except, I couldn’t sleep; tossed and turned for a good hour. It must have been about 2:30 or 3:00 AM by the time I strolled back out into the living room. I surfed through the channels for a bit, and my brother joined me. We didn’t speak; it wasn’t really needed.

The channel flipped over to the opening of movie that starred Eric Stoltz, Craig Sheffer and Meg Tilly. The title: Sleep with Me. Who knows what it was that pulled us in … I think it was the clever dialogue between the three stars at the opening. Yet, it was a cameo by this rapidly rising director that really had us howling:

Look for Thomas Gibson, of Criminal Minds and Dharma and Greg fame, having fun in his role as Nigel as well…his scenes killed me.

The film was actually penned by six different writers, according to IMDB.com. If memory serves, they were poker-playing buddies who came up with the characters over the course of a few poker nights. And then they each wrote a scene telling the story of the love triangle between these three friends.

My brother and I stayed up until dawn that night, taking in the little indie film. When it ended we both went to bed smiling, happy we had discovered the film. I would encourage you to grab your partner, call up a few couples and break open a few bottles of wine to go with this one …

Here’s to the films that catch us by surprise – Slainte!


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